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Hi, my name is Mamu

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Mamu is possibly our Matang Wildlife Centre’s brightest rising star and the result of our successful captive breeding program.

Borned to Chiam, the pair was released to a semi-wild state into the surrounding rainforests shortly after Mamu was born and have been roaming the areas for more than one year.

However, faith strucked an awful blow to them, due to health concerns Chiam was taken back into the Centre’s facility. A special regime was then developed for Mamu who at that point of time is still too young to be left out in the forest to fend for herself. Trainings taking place deep in the heart of the forest ensure that she will not fail to remember what she had already learnt from her mother and got too-used to being inside the enclosure with her mother.

Sometimes, Mamu wits proved too much to handle, though staying with her mother, she somehow managed to squeeze through the iron bars and end up basking in the sun on top of her official residence! Fortunately for us, she has yet to muster the courage to explore the jungle on her own.

Mamu escapades are amusing as well as enable us to see a clear prove to the extent of intelligence and ingenuity that orangutans have.

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