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Hi, my name is Aman

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The story of Aman is intriguing from the start. He was initially named 89’er by his then owner and was rescued by the authority later. Since that episode, he was transferred to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and become the Centre’s star icon.

At the Centre, he was given a new name - Aman, meaning peace in the Malay language. Here, he joined other orangutan to undergo the Centre’s rehabilitation program along with many other orangutan who have since been released to the wild.

Aman being head strong in character was never inclined to follow the designed path for him in the rehabilitation process. He prefers to spend his time going after his trainers or strategising his next scheme in his ‘monkey business’. Imagine Aman - a 140kg male orang-utan, intelligence, having their own set of rules and with a mission to concoct chaos!

Due to his very nature, naturally there are doomed to be incidents. In a fight to gain the throne of male dominance at the Centre to become the alpha-male, king of the bunch Aman was involved in an ugly brawl with Ritchie, the Centre’s existing alpa-male. The tussle ended up with Aman losing his index finger on his left hand having bitten off by Ritchie. In the world of orang-utan fighting amongst dominant or near dominant males is quite natural to wrest the highly sought placed as the ‘Numero uno’.

Aman again made world news headlines being the first-ever orangutan to undergo cataract operations and with his new-found visions, he is sure to keep us on our feet with his relentless antics.

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