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Hi, my name is Doris

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The loveable Doris is extremely friendly and adores her caregivers. Every now and then, she will try to share her food with them. She is very interested in visitors and will usually just walk up-right to greet them with a smile. However, these are not natural behaviours of orang-utans. They are known to be skilled imitators and Doris has learnt her trade from observing humans that she came into contact with at the Centre.

Her love for being human more than orangutan posed difficult obstacles that made her rehabilitation almost impossible. She was very afraid of the jungle, she never wanted to leave the safety of the Centre and she is most comfortable being surrounded by people she knew and she even resorted to violence when extremely distressed, especially if our Centre’s officers tried to coax her to do what orangutan normally does.

In November 2007 however, our officers at Matang Wildlife Centre were able to convince Doris to try an outing deep inside the Centre’s forest for the first time – this is no easy task considering an 8 years old orangutan though at that young age are more powerful in might than human.

During her early attempts, Doris remained scared out of her wits of the jungle and would never leave physical contact with her caregivers; this fear intensified every time she had an encounter with a stinging hornet, biting ant, or her least favourite -leeches!

Eventually though, Doris grew in confidence and began climbing trees on her own and exploring the environment around her; displaying a quick memory for the natural food items she found. She is yet to master her trade, but positive signals from her is encouraging and reassuring enough to us.

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