Hi, my name is Ting San


Ting San

Rescued by the wildlife authorities at a very tender age, Ting San arrived at our Centre in dire need of tender loving care, complete with 24 hours of minding for more than one year.

Upon the age when she was ready to socialise with other ‘students’ at our rehabilitation school, she joined the Centre’s brood and enrolled in its integration program. Here, she learned to interact with other orangutans and built on their confidence to be less dependent on human – this is important, as when released later to the wild, they have to rely on their own resourcefulness to survive.

However, Ting San was not interested being sociable with other orang-utans at the Centre during her initial phase of introduction, this is likely due to her attachment to human during her early years. This close attachment and special bond that she has with human, the caregivers at the Centre especially may have resulted in jealousy by other orangutans.

Ting San is in her early formative years; therefore she will spend the next few years undergoing light training activities and exercises around the Centre. This is being done under constant care and tutelage of SARAWAK FORESTRY experienced officers. In such trainings minimal contact with orangutan is used.

Small, mock-jungle climbing apparatus were temporarily put up in various locations usually with an actual tree as the centre piece to encourage and develop her climbing proficiency.

Other requisite subjects at our Orangutan School are: nests building, introductory to food items and materials.

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