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Heart2Heart With Orangutan Sets To Send Hearts Flutters

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Sample imageKuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA, Friday, 10 July 2009- Set in the ‘school for orangutans’ with wildlife and nature as the background Sarawak Forestry Corporation, launched another ground-breaking signature conservation program that promotes conservation partnership with the public via the aptly named Heart 2 Heart with Orangutan.

Organised by Sarawak Forestry in collaboration with Sarawak Convention Bureau, the program has already raised interests and received enquiries, both from home and abroad. Datu Haji Len Talif Salleh, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Planning and Resource Management, who is also the Director of Forests and the Managing Director / CEO of SARAWAK FORESTRY explained that “Heart 2 Heart offers the public around the world to experience a first hand ‘look and feel’ of Sarawak’s rehabilitation program at our wildlife centres in Matang and Semenggoh” and at the same time, he said bring to light the enormous efforts by our conservationists, behind the scene in ensuring the sustainability of our ‘wild men of the forest’.

Len Talif also addressed issues related to orangutan purported by irresponsible individuals that clearing of lands for oil palm plantation destroys orangutan habitat which he stressed was utterly baseless. He explained further that all identified orang-utan habitats are protected by law as Totally Protected Areas in Sarawak.

Looking back at orangutan conservation in Sarawak, Len said that “it is not new in Sarawak. Official records are evidence that conservation of orangutan in Sarawak started as early as 1960s, protected under the arms of law as Totally Protected Wildlife of Sarawak under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998 and listed in Appendix 1 of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora or CITES”.

On Heart 2 Heart with Orangutan, Len Talif said that the basis is ”to showcase conservation in action, not by mere ‘look and see’ but to touch the heart of people from all walks of life that conservation in its true essence starts from the heart”. Furthermore he said, 40% of the fee charged will be channelled to the Orangutan Conservation Fund for Semenggoh and Matang Wildlife Centres, especially for the orangutan rehabilitation activities such as building cages, purchase of medication, food and other related activities.

Heart 2 Heart with Orangutan is a one day program which gives participants a closer look to behind the scene orangutan conservation work. The program starts with briefing on the conservation program in a ‘Get to Know’ session before proceeding for a guided tour of the Wildlife Center. They will be introduced and assigned tasks and areas of responsibilities or duties which include cages cleaning; food preparations for orangutans, orangutan enrichment program, assisting in related research, and education or other tasks will be assigned to each participant. At the end of the day a Heart 2 Heart Participation Certificate will be issued to acknowledge their contributions to the Centre’s activities.

Additionally, participants can opt to play further role in conservation as an ‘adopter’ of orangutans at the Centre. Adopters will be given updates on the progress of orangutans at the two centres and will be presented an adoption certificate. Funds collected through Orangutan Adoption Program, subsequently will be used to support conservation work including:

  • various projects on orangutan conservation
  • education program for local communities on orangutan conservation, and
  • food and medication for orangutan in both centres.

Today’s official launch started with a special multimedia presentation on orangutan and ended with a special tour arranged for guests to witness volunteer at work with orangutan at Matang Wildlife Centre.

For further enquiries or for more information about Heart 2 Heart with Orangutan please contact via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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